Saakiaz Silicone Baking Mat With Measurements + Bonus Silicone Baking Brush & Spatula| Non-Stick FDA-Approved Silicone 23″ X 15″ Mat | Oven & Microwave Safe | Baking, Pastries, Table Mat

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Transform Your Baking Sessions With Saakiaz’s Silicone Pastry Mat


Transform Your Baking Sessions With Saakiaz’s Silicone Pastry Mat

Who doesn’t love the aroma of fresh, baked treats wafting through one’s home?

Wouldn’t you love if pizza night didn’t involve take out, for once?

You’ll be able to now devote yourself to healthy cooking by purchasing Saakiaz’s superior baking mat.

Now performing each step of even the most complicated recipes becomes a piece of cake-pun intended! Each mat features a handy measurements print right on its surface, to minimize cooking time and confusion!

You wish to have to buy this mat, because it’s:

100% Certified FDA & LFGB Food Secure Product

We take pride in the exceptional quality of our product. We consider you deserve nothing but the best for your kitchen and we are here to offer it to you. You’ll be able to now cook, clean and healthily knowing you are the usage of a silicone mat that upholds the highest of quality standards.

A Versatile Mat

It may be used as a pastry making mat, a baking or a table mat. This purchase allows for multiple cooking and baking applications! You’ll be able to easily set our mat anywhere in the kitchen where you might need a non-stick surface to work on!

Value For Money Set With Bonus Silicone Brush & Spatula!

Each mat comes in a sleek gift package, along side a FREE silicone brush and spatula to complete your baking tools collection! Armed with this impressive set, You’ll be able to decorate any cake, cupcake, cookies or pastries and spend fun-filled hours baking in your kitchen!

What’s In The Box:
1 x Silicone Baking Mat, 23″ X 15″, With Print-On Measurements

1 x Red Silicone Brush
1 x Red Spatula

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• NO NEED FOR GREASE: Start baking the healthy way! This silicone baking mat eliminates the need of any greasing agent, such as oils or cooking spray, prior to baking. Its non-stick surface allows effortless dough rolling and hassle-free food or dessert removal, straight out of the oven or microwave!
• IDEAL FOR DOUGH, PIZZA: We have perfected our mat’s design to accommodate every avid baker’s needs! This mat is excellent for making homemade pizza and rolling dough to make bread, cookies and any artisan baked goods or pastry recipes you need to check out out!
• CONVENIENT MEASUREMENTS FOR PERFECT COOKING: No need for math! Why waste time making size unit conversions? We have printed all You wish to have to complete any recipe without the need of reference charts or calculators! Now it’s easy to bake all those treats you’ve been postponing trying out, for fear of messing with the measurements!
• EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY & EASE OF USE: This mat is made from Certified, FDA-Approved, Food-Grade Silicone that is Oven and Microwave Secure up to a whopping 240 °C / 470 °F! It is also exceptionally easy to clean and deal with and takes up minimal space once stored along side your other baking supplies!
• LIFETIME WARRANTY & FREE SILICONE BRUSH AND SPATULA!: This superior quality baking mat comes in a sleek gift packaged, along side BONUS red silicone baking utensils: a brush and a spatula! Buy with confidence knowing that all our mats are backed by Lifetime Money Back Guarantee! Click Buy Now And Get The Best Silicone Baking Mat On Amazon!




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